The TV stand

A while ago we visited Becky in London and she took us to Unto This Last on Brick Lane – it’s a really clever operation  – design nice furniture that can be made using a simple  laminated CNC-cut plywood process  and then make it on-demand on a massive CNC mill in the back of the shop.

Sadly they don’t deliver outside of London but it got me thinking whether or not an amateur could follow more or less the same process either at home with a manual router and hand-made templates or using a local CNC service (there are several within a short drive of Bath).

we’ve  been after a TV-stand-come-side board for a while and I’ve been playing around with designing something which could be built using this process:

It would need cutting up to make sensible use of the ply boards (otherwise it would use something like 10 1.2x2m boards at ££ each) but I think it’s doable.

From a home-made perspective I was also thinking it would be cool to make it using recycled wood in small sections and then press it together hotch-potch style.

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