Laptop stand

I’m trying to get into the habit of working with my laptop at the right level and with keyboard and mouse at work as it seems to be better for my wrists/general state of “wellness”.

A while ago I saw these guys selling laptop stands made of cardboard and many other people who had made them from scratch, so I decided to have a go at making my own. Some (100% recycled) laser jet paper boxes, a craft knife, parcel tape and about 1/2 an hour later I ended up with this:

laptop stand

The results turned out quite well if I say so myself (no religious connotations intended, it’s just a very stable structure!).

One Response to “Laptop stand”

  1. teuta says:

    Wowee I like the closet entrepreneur ones but i’m sure yours wins on efficiency!
    I am surprised that in a world where so many people own so many computers, and wrist, back and neck problems are common – monitor stands are few, ugly and very expensive. It seems that off-the-shelf laptop stands are only expensive, so that is good. Maybe.