Fucking Citylink

Was sitting in our hall, when i heard something being stuffed through the door, went to look, and surprise surprise it was a citylink “We called but you weren’t in” card, chased the delivery man down the stairs in my dressing gown and shouted at him, then when he came back he had the nerve to complain about having to walk up our stairs twice…..

Still two more people have christmas presents than they did before.

6 Responses to “Fucking Citylink”

  1. welikegoats says:

    So you took his name and reported him for incompetence and bone-idleness?

  2. yady says:

    Hm, I have not heard anything other than that in the UK, packages are *not* delivered and they always only deliver the card, recently – do I only hear of when it goes like that, or do they in fact not deliver packages over there?

  3. 561 says:

    Citylink usually are useless. The rest do seem to try a little harder. In fact, when I didn’t hear the door bell and found a card from the post office I wandered down the street and found the postman who was lovely and walked all the way back to the local postoffice (well, only round the corner) and got the parcel for me. :)

    On another occaision a parcel was left outside our door… not sure who by. It would have been better if they had left it with the shop downstairs really and luckily people don’t often wandered through our gate and up our stairs… We’ve also had all of the post for the shop this week too. I think we have a tempory postman though.

  4. admin says:

    I have his name, phoned citylink and… suprise surprise it was engaged.

  5. pfy says:

    “That’s why they’re called CityLink. They don’t try to deliver the actual parcel, just a symlink” — Tim Franklin