Zoot: 901283408937473924 mold: 0

I have just completed phase 1 “operation suck” in the crusade against the many and varied types of mold that have been flourishing in various places in our flat. So far I have dealt with:

  1. The green blobby mold stuck to the wall, my speakers and the back of the leather sofa in the livingroom (suck o matic)
  2. the black spotty mold near the bottom of the wall in the living rooms ( wipe it off (along with quite a bit of the wall paper (oops)))
  3. the big brown blob of mold which seems to be completely independant from the other mold on that wall
  4. the wierd ceiling mold
  5. and just for good measure the strange pink mold which is growing in our bath (i cleaned the bathroom too)

now my eyes water and my nose itches…. hopefully i won’t wake up smelling of cheese.

Phase 2) involves leaving the heating on for much longer *(sigh)* (the black spotty mold started a couple of years ago when the boiler stopped working properly for 6 months) trying to find a miracle cure, and telling the landlord about it on sunday and seeing what he wants to do with it, oh and making up with who i suspect was a bit cross about discovering me in the lounge at 1:30 in the morning having moved all of the furniture trying to clean mold off the walls.

One Response to “Zoot: 901283408937473924 mold: 0”

  1. Are you, in any way, the slightest tiniest bit obsessive about this? I mean, 1:30am cleaning mold just sounds wrong mate…