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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Went to Lieve on Herengracht for dinner last night. Food was amazing and each of the (4) courses was accompanied by a specially selected beer(e47pp inc drinks). After that we did some more drinking, my head hates me.

Lounge phase 2: dismantling

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Lounge floor is still not finished, unfortunately replacement boards are not easy to come by with modern ones being either too thick or too thin and reclaimed ones being both expensive and out of stock at our local reclamation yard.

In an attempt to at least get something done this weekend I opted for removing the boxing on the side of the chimney breast in the lounge (this used to hold the water, gas and electricity for the old boiler of doom).

Photo 0062.jpg

First step was removing the plywood and frame, then disconnecting and re-patching the ring-main which ran down to the old boiler control box, then cutting and where possible removing the dead pipes (they should all have been disconnected when the heating was installed, but you never know…). The boiler installers were kind enough to completely remove the gas pipe to the fireplace which made life a little less stressful (because being squirted with water and electrocuted is less scary than being set on fire).

Photo 0061.jpg

The white box is a patch box for the upstairs ring main which ran down to the boiler (the other wires are just control wires which (hopefully) are now both disconnected at the other end and I will pull up next time i get the floorboards up upstairs).

Photo 0063.jpg

The boiler pipes are still largely in place and I will get rid of them when I do the fireplace. You can just about see the soot from where the boiler flue gas appears to have been leaking into the lounge…