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Science Museum

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I was in London today to see off a friend who is going to Singapore for a few months. Shaking off the necessary hangover from last night, it was decided that a visit to the science museum would be a fitting thing to do.

Having read about it in the press I decided that we should go and see the Japan Car exhibit which alleges to provide an exploration of Japanese car design and its relation to the growing city. The exibit, it turns out, is a gross dissapointment (especially when you consider that it costs £8 to get in), consisting of a mixture of boring (the cars themselves) and a pile of pretentious and patronising design twaddle which fails to excite in any way.

Some small consolation comes in the fact that the exit to the exhibition hall leads you directly into the “Listening post” installation which, I think is one of the best examples of public art that I’ve ever seen.