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Saturday, July 14th, 2007

I’m beginning to wonder if the bristol bath cycle path is in fact cursed…

A couple of weeks ago we came of the end after a quick run to Bitton and back and I noticed that my bike had aquired a whole new suspension system in the form of my saddle only being held on by one rail (the other one having unceremoniously snapped in half) leaving me to cycle home standing up in order to avoid a rather embarassing (and probably painful) sitting directly on my seatpost incident. Dad kindly lent me a a bag full of saddles from his “collection of stuff” so that was sorted out fairly quickly.

On thursday we did the same route and this time I noticed that I couldn’t change gears down on my back ring any more. After some puzzling over my shifter, it turns out to be pretty much buggered.

As it happens the break/shifters are actually the second most expensive part of my bike after the frame, so replacing the ones with new ones will cost about £150.

Basically I have a choice of getting some cheap as chips sora shifters which I don’t really like, some crappy plasticy tiagra shifters or trying to get something second hand off ebay :(.

My bike is slowly getting worse and worse!