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Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Yesterday we rode Richard’s Cheddar 100 again, not as much fun in the rain, but still fairly fun.

On the way back we cycled through the village of Kilmersdon which claims to be the home of Jack and Jill of nursery rhyme fame.

Kilmersdon seems like a nice enough place, but a couple of things should be noted about it’s relationship with aformentioned nursery rhyme:
a) There is no notable source of water at the top of the eponymous hill.
b) There is a perfectly good source of water in the form of a stream less than 100m from the center of the village. This is accessible without any hill climbing whatsoever.

My new theory is that Jack and Jill were in fact going to the top of the hill for some other reason (probably involving a bucket and the need for a bit of privacy) and that this activity led to to a rather embarrassing accident which resulted in Jack’s head injury. The pail of water story is obviously a cover story invented after the fact.

Also, on the road out of Kilmersdon you go under a railway bridge which has a sign which reads:

“Beware oncoming traffic in the middle of the road”

Surely they would do better to have a sign on the other side of the bridge which reads:

“Do not drive in the middle of the road”.