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And that is what passes for passing the time….

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Busy week really. Last wednesday I went up to London for a seminar, having arrived about an hour and three quarters early and made the foolhardy mistake of trying to catch the circle line anywhere I decided to get off the tube at kings cross and walk the last 5 miles or so to tower hill. I it made to Trinity house with a bit of time to spare navigating by a mixture of the sun and the vague knowledge that if I hit the river I needed to go east.

In case you didn’t know Trinity house (as well as being an over-priced conference center with mediocre food and uncomforable chairs) is the home of all of Great Britain’s lighthouses, lightvessels and buoys and is associated with such funky dudes as Samuel Peyps, William Penn (of the /other/ pennsylvania fame*), Wellington, Churchill and flappy ears beady eyes bigot bottom all of whom appear in portait around the meeting room (along with a somewhat unflattering rendition of the merry monarch). I didn’t see any life-buoys (i guess they keep them in the cellar along with all the servants) but there was a rather nice view of the tower from the back window.

* Google tells me that the city of Somerset, Pennsylvania (US) exists, as well as our more local settlement (more of a pub and a petrol station) of Pennsylvania, Somerset. I wonder if there are many other palindromic place pairs.

561 passed her viva, yay her.

Went and saw my brother in Heidelberg over the weekend, who tried to explain to me what he is doing at the moment (something to do with a mysterious process for cell migration in fly ovaries). Had a fun weekend, spread stuff on my cat to their lab, drank some of his whiskey, talked a lot, watched almost all of the first series of ghost in the shell, read some of my thesis, climbed up two hills, saw a nazi-era amphitheatre and some other things and my new favourite German public holiday is “Christi Himmelfahrt” (ascencion day or lit. “christ goes to heaven”).

That is all.