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Monday, October 30th, 2006

Hooray for the ionosphere!

On the way back from Nottingham last night, 561 fell asleep and I was skimming through medium wave and managed to pick up about 1/3 an hour of radio croatia which had some uplifting orchestral music and some close-harmony bulgarian choral singing. There was also a German channel which appeared to be airing a cookery program with instructions for making large-quantities of meat-based something. The presenter was reading out long lists of ingredients in monotone voice which sounded a bit like the football scores “750 grame schweinfleish, 500 gram hacklefleish, 8 eier, 20g salz…” if it weren’t for the fact that the cold war was over one could have been mistaken for thinking it was a tool for sending instructions to oversees spies.

Things, Stuff, Etc.

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Kind of a busy week last week, various things on at work, including a rather amusing incident involving a lot of of raw sewage and a comms room on Wednesday. Cycled to work twice, second time without stopping and dizze and myself went for a 40 mile ride on saturday which mostly beat me toward the end (all those hills), will improve next time…. The info from dizz’s GPS watch (which is very cool by the way) seems to indicate that we climbed about 1400-1700m which feels about right (I walked up some of this and I was still struggling!):

Am rapidly approaching the need to think about my viva, opened my thesis last night before bed and found an error in one of my diagrams straight away. Oh well..

vague estimates of drinking 16/10 – 22/10

Stuff and things

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

So just about a week has passed since I submitted my thesis, I have to confess that not a small amount of drinking was done (See below).

I finally got around to putting all my photos from the last couple of months online, including but not limited to:

Camping in dorset
Some terrible photos of kittensofdoom‘s birthday
An amusing incident involving a monkey and a lego house
Last but not least… Entropy last night (also on Picasaweb if you like spanglyness)

This morning dizze and I went for a quickish ride , not too far (about 22 miles) but a big long hill at the end.

Drinking 2/10 – 7/10