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Pitchers on sunday

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Anybody want to go and see a film on sunday?

Drinking 11/9-17/9

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
Mon Sep 11 2006
Small Glass Red Wine
1 x Small Glass Red Wine (1.5)

Tue Sep 12 2006 – Sun Sep 17 2006
– Nothing –
Total Units: 1.5
Brought to you by Drinkypoos by zootalures

Not surprising really….


Sunday, September 17th, 2006

Emacs keeps crashing.
Damn my screen, keeps flickering.
I saw a bat outside

That is all.


Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Children of men is coming out next week which i think must be a good thing as it is one of the most well-written sci fi (if you must call it that) novels I’ve ever read. Also coming out shortly is the night listener based on the novel by Armistead Maupin. I saw a trailer for this on TV and had to check that it was the same story… the TV trailer bills the film as a psychological thriller based on “true events” (With deep-voiced stereotypical voice-over and everything), two points which I am completely unable to correlate with any aspect of the original book, I’m not suggesting that the film is bad, I’ve not seen it, but its just strange that the book (which I remember correctly wasn’t particularly psychological , or thrilling) should have been interpreted in this way…


Monday, September 11th, 2006

The following is a bash script running on GNU.
Assuming that $1 and $2 are arguments:
a) What is a likely value for $x ?
c) What is the script probably supposed to do?

 cat $x |grep \^$1\$ | \
grep -v \[_$2\] | sed -e 's/\(.\)/\1\n/g'| \
grep  . |  grep -v \[$1\] |sort |uniq -c |\
sort -g | awk '{print $2}' |tail -n 1

Answers on a postcard please.

**update** Thanks for the suggestions of where to get help but not needed. I know what this is, i wrote it about 8 years ago. I was just wondering if, without the name of the input file, or the name of the script, anybody else could figure out what it is for. It’s very cunning.


Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Is it just me, or is The prime minister might quit some time next year not a real news story?

Street Party

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

I’m working on my thesis and I can hear a rendition of the can-can at St. Jame’s street party outside. This year there is a Barbeque, bouncy castles, wine tasting and art appreciation at our “nobody ever goes in there but it looks nice and raises the tone of the street” gallery. The party (or what little of it I saw as I wandered past) seems to have been attended by Bath’s richest and finest, all of whom were either pompously exchanging small talk while scoffing venison hot-dogs or running around trying to keep their hoards of Torqils and Hermiones under control. A couple of minutes ago a pair of these (a Hermione and mother) wandered past our flat and I heard the mother chastising her daughter for calling one of her friends a nerd, she twice reiterated the statement that she (the daughter) should never criticise intelligence. I’m somewhat inclined to agree with her, our society is geared towards either ignoring or ridiculing intelligence, It always annoys me when journalists who work for trashy tabloids which are happy to talk about “boffins” and “scary science” turn out to be very intelligent.

That said, if this post is anything to go by I seem to spend a lot of time criticising the rich middle clases, most of whom are where they are because of their intelligence, it’s a funny old world, I guess I’m just jealous.

I wonder of Offenbach wrote a tune called the Can’t-Can’t for those with knee troubles?

About 10 years ago I decided that writing lower case letters for things like “I” was a very clever thing to do, now I’ve decided that it just looks silly that i should stop (it is akin to dotting your “i”s with flowers, right?). Unfortunately since I started to do this I’ve gotten old and set in my ways, forgive me if I slip up every now and then.


Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

12 months ago I recorded my first drink (a pint of medium ale (4.5%)) in Drinkypoos, which is therefore is a year old today.

In the last year drinkypoos has accumulated a spectacular 61 users, 37 of whom have ever entered any information and 13 of whom have added anything in the last 6 months.

A total of 5131 drinks have been recorded, with a total volume of 1781.2 litres, and a total alchohol content of 10910 units, equivalent to 109.1 litres of pure ethanol with a total energy content of 611167 Kcal *. If woman or man could live by alchohol alone** this would yield enough energy to power an average woman for (approximately ***) 305 days. If this ethanol were converted into fat it would be equivalent to 67.9Kg of lard ****.

*1g ethanol – 7.1 kcal, 1ml ethanol = 0.789g
**you cannot live by alcohol alone;
***reccomdended calorific intake = 2000Kcal/d – female 165cm/65kg, ignores metabolic cost.
****1g fat = 9 kcal, ignores cost of conversion.

The top 20 drinks are as follows:

1) Double Vodka and Coke                      |   562
2) Pint Medium Ale (4.5%)                     |   559
3) Pint of Fosters                            |   266
4) Small Glass White Wine                     |   239
5) Pint Guinness                              |   207
6) Pint of strongbow cider                    |   159
7) Small Glass Red Wine                       |   144
8) Pint Medium Ale 4.0%                       |   141
9) Single vodka and coke                      |   120
10) Pint of Carling                            |    92
11) Pint lager                                 |    82
12) Bottle budweiser                           |    77
13) double vodka and stuff                     |    71
14) Small Glass of Wine                        |    64
15) Pint Bath Spa Gem                          |    60
16) Large Glass  White Wine                    |    59
17) Pint strong ale 5%                         |    55
18) 330ml Bottle Medium Strength Beer          |    55
19) Single rum and coke                        |    53
20) Bottle of Stella Artois                    |    53

By day of the week drinkers habits are broken down as follows:

sun: 372 (7.25%)
mon: 642 (12.5%)
tue: 658 (12.8%)
wed: 551 (10.7%)
thu: 715 (13.9%)
fri: 1027 (20.1%)
sat: 1166 (22.7%)

That is all.