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Roasted Trout with Fennel inaparcel.

Saturday, August 5th, 2006
2xrainbow trout
1xfennel bulb chopped into thin slices
4xgarlic cloves crusheed
1xsmall strong onion
4xsprig rosemary 
4xcarrots chopped 
lots of parsley 
  1. pre-heat oven to about 190C
  2. put each trout on a big bit of foil greased wtih a bit of olive oil, stuff fish with fennel,garlic,onion,rosemary.
  3. score the fish along the top and add a bit of butter or olive oil and lots of parsley
  4. shove the carrots on top
  5. close up foil into a parcel so that it is sealed, and there is a bit of room inside.
  6. cook on a baking tray for about 30-35 minutes.
  7. serve with new potatoes and spinach