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Patatas Bravas

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Made this last night, (recipe mostly stolen from waitrose) was very good.

Serves about 2 .

* Take ~300g waxy potatoes and chop into 1-2cm cubes
* Par boil in a little salted water for ~10 minutes, and drain and leave to dry.
* Chop up 3-4 ripe tomoatoes and fry with a clove garlic until they start to loose their consistency, season & add about 1tblspoon Pimeton Picante (Hot smoked paprika
* while the tomatoes are cooking add a couple of of tablespoons of oil to a frying pan and heat it up
* Fry the potatoes for 10-15 mins until golden brown and then add a little salt
* Serve potatoes with sauce.


Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Had a very productive day, as well as finding the guide book for croatia (which had been missing for over a week) squashed into a ball at the bottom of my laptop bag, i also booked a cabin for one of the trips for our honeymoon to top it all off I spent the rest of the day working on my thesis, hoorah! I had a chat with Steve (my “Mentor” here for want of a better word) and we went through the structure and he gave some sage advice,

I appear to have brought the weather with me, as it looks like it is going to rain… a lot…

I have discovered my new favourite fruit, they are called Nisperós (Nisperes in catalan, “loquats” in english, aparrently). The flavour is hard to describe, slightly tart, but still moderately sweet, but the closest description I can think of is a cross between a plumb, a pear, an apricot and a grape. Carlós gave me one at lunch time and then Corte Inglés sold me about 20 for e2.45 I don’t know if they make it though the night.

In other news, two men played chess (i think the guy on the left won) and the sky was a hazy shade of pink.


Friday, May 19th, 2006

I will be in Barcelona for three weeks from saturday, I will probably answer my mobile and maybe answer mail but don’t rely on a prompt response to either.


Monday, May 15th, 2006

Pebble henge , Ann with wine , Dinner Party , Becky’s cool flower lights , docklands from blythe hill Anne does poi

Drinkypoos 0.2 is out

Saturday, May 13th, 2006
======DRINKYPOOS v0.2 - 13/5/2006======

* Changed graphs to use Gruff "PRETTY!"
* Users can upload and re-size new images
* You can make notes for days
* 4 different blog styles (all still sadly pretty crap)
* User editable drinks (only editable by admins or the creator while
nobody else has used the drink)
* Migrated to postgresql from sqlite
* Moved backend from WebBrick  to FCGI
* Slightly nicer images in the normal view 
* more gratuitus use of javascript. 

* Fixed LJ friends things and blog canonicalisation (partly me partly
problems caused by livejournal changing its domains)
* Search now breaks up search terms (i.e. "pint ale" == "pint" AND "ale") 
* some of the style bits to hopefully make it look nicer on pink blogs. 

* There are some issues with escaping in the notes editor, yes, you
can probably do cross-site scripting, no, i don't really care at the
* Not accessible - this could mostly be fixed by going through and
adding the appropriate fallback stuff where needed.

* 0.1 * 

First version 

I still haven’t got FCGI working properly on morgins (probalby something stupid) so its still not running as fast as it will do when that is sorted (ruby is not exactly fast anyway, but it can go faster)

Example of notes and graphical posting

The Olive Tree (Lunch)

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Summary Quite simply one of the best restaurants in Bath.

Where? The Olive Tree, The queensbury hotel, Russell St. Bath

The restaurant is below one of the trendiest hotels in Bath, and is dressed up to suit. A light atmosphere with fairly low-key decor dominated by three or four large canvases by Robert Hart (a Nottingham-based artist whose paintings I would describe as “very trendy wallpaper”) which complement the light pastel tones. We were in there at lunchtime on Sunday and the restuarant wasn’t busy, so everything was fairly relaxed and calm, although kittensofdoom, who recommended the restaurant says that in the evenings it can get pretty crowded.

The food is modern with a strong mediteranian influences and was delectable. A fairly simple and well-chosen menu (3/3/3 options for lunch). The restaurant now has the dubious honour of serving me one of he best roast dinners that I have ever had. The wine selection is extensive and well described and caters for a wide range of budgets.

I had Salad of roast sweet potatoes and mozarella, roast beef, and roasted figs with licourice and frozen creme fraiche for desert. As I have said, the roast was perfect and the rest was very good.

It cost £126 for four people for three courses, a nice bottle of wine and coffee (Lunch prices are £15/2 courses or £18.50/3 courses)


Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Hmm have decided to buy a new digital camera for the honeymoon (and well, because stuff++==good)

As always i can’t decide what to get, and having decided, i am now undecided again.

This is mainly for the benefit of 561 so that she can’t accuse me of making hasty decisions.. but read on if you want to my deliberations

REVIEW: Up the Creek, Penryn

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

Up the Creek
Islington Wharf, Penryn

The Restaurant is very well hidden in the depths of a boat-yard just off Penryn high-street. You go in through what looks like somebody’s porch and then go up the stairs into what appears to be somebody’s lounge (only with a bar). Overall the atmosphere was relaxed and the dining room was bright and cosy at the same time. Friendly service and no problems with a table of seven.

The food was very good, mostly local fish, nothing too fancy but some nice mediteranean touches.

I had crab cakes, then hake on a bed of baby octopus and chorizo stew, and roasted banana and most of a bottle of chablis.

It cost £190 for seven people for three courses including aperitifs and two bottles of wine.