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Random Lotus concept car

Monday, April 24th, 2006

Was in townon saturday morning and saw this rather cool looking lotus concept special edition (thanks pheylan for identifying it) car (W-reg? from 2000?)


Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Hmm Pocket PC is perhaps the stupidest platform in the whole world.

My task for yesterday/today was to hack a silly java PDA hack we wrote a while ago for an older PDA, in order to make it work better on a new VGA resolution PDA (4x the “standard” size). All in order to get it show lots more data in order to impress some bureaucrats somewhere.

Having worked for a good many hours doing the actual development (i.e. getting the “more” data), when i finally get around to running the app on my PDA I notice that it looks very much as it did on the old QVGA PDA (well considerably worse now, as it has more stuff) . doing a bit more poking around with SWT i notice that yes, screen.width=240 and screen.height=320, considerably less than they should be.

It turns out that Pocket PC pretends that all devices are either 240×240 or 320×240 (and seemingly enforces that phyiscal resolutions are multiples thereof) and provides faked up graphics contexts to applications who only ever get to see a low res screen (regardless of what the underlying screen resolution actually is). Things like fonts and paths still get rendered at native resolution, but as far as you are concerned you are always looking at something which is at a fixed resolution (typically 320×240).

After quite a bit of shouting (well grrring) i found a firmware hack which stops the operating system from lying (which is essentially what i want) so now my application looks much better and fits on the screen.

Of course none of the native apps work very well any more (most do a good job of Huh, where did all of this screen come from?”) but at least mine does, which is good.

photos bath 4/06

Monday, April 17th, 2006

Some photos


Friday, April 7th, 2006

So yet another British games manufacturer gets into bed with Bill…

R.I.P Lionhead, may you continue to produce mediocre but exquisitly over-hyped games under the ownership of Microsoft.

Now the big question, when are they going to pluck up the balls to buy Nintendo?


Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Just went out for dinner with my dad and 561 at Fishworks in town.

Summary: Loch Fyne for those people for who can afford more and for whom Loch Fyne is “So last year darling”…

I had: Mackrel and Scallops both of which were excellent.

The environment: is standard less is more type approach and not particularly inspired or intimate where we were seated. Despite having booked early and despite the restaurant being only about 1/2 full we got a fairly crap table in the middle room upstairs (no windows to speak of) and far too bright.

The service: was mediocre, the Maître D’ was pretty helpful but very pushy with the more expensive stuff and 1/2 of the specials were off by the time we ordered. Overall the service was a bit slow, 20 minutes between sitting and ordering drinks, and another 25 minutes for starters (mains came pretty soon after that though) which given their insistance on an eariler booking time was a bit disapointing. Three different waiters despite only having two courses. We didn’t leave a tip.

It cost: £97 for two courses for three people, with 1/2 a bottle of wine between us and nothing fancy.

Overall: Really nice fish, and a damn site better than the last couple of times I’ve been to Loch Fyne in Bath. In terms of value, for this class of restaurant (and for this class of service) its a total rip-off. Sorry but if you want to sell me the “Simple Plain Good Food” you have to sell it to me at a reasonable price. If we’d had 3 courses and more wine (the cheapest bottle was £22.50) we would easily have been looking at upwards of £150. Want to spend this much and get really really good food? – head out of town to the Moody Goose in Midsomer Norton.