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Thursday, January 27th, 2005

Before tonight:
– I had never seen anybody drink 27 tequillas.

now i have.


Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Yesterday we went to see what was left of another pyramid and today we went up a mountain by some vulcanos and then i ate worms.

They were quite nice.

In Amecameca we went into the town hall to get some tourist advice, and ended up being prodded into the mayors office, he negociated a taxi for us personally, which was nice.

The timezones are stupid, i am never near the hotel at times when 561 is at home or awake, this sucks.

All forms of public transport here are periodically invaded by people selling things (porn, bootleg CDs, keyrings) and performers. This morning two men got onto the metro and one took a cloth filled with broken glass and layed it on the floor while the other took his shirt off. The shirtless one proceeded to lie on the glass while the other one jumped up and down on his back. Afterwards they wanted money, i wondered what for.


Monday, January 24th, 2005


ON A PLANE mMMmmmmuhhh

Monday, January 24th, 2005

Rather auspiciously this is my third “on a plane” entry in my drafts cache, just thought i should mention it.

We’ve just flown over Greenland, it wasn’t particularly green, and now going over baffin island? in canada it looks like it is snowing, you’d think there would be a better way of getting to mexico… I would rather not fly over US airspace, technically i am a “friendly” target which can only make me scared.

Todays flight will mostly consist of drinking gin and tonic, trying to code, not sleeping and watching crap films (i robot, skycaptain thing, sharks tale).

KLM are not as bad as Iberia the food is in fact “nice”, and the drinks are almost abundant. On the bad side i have the worst seat on the plane (back left, non-reclining),my seat is broken, the seat in front’s magazine rack thing is bent into my knee and the the headset thing only 1/2 works.
Oh and the guy in front has just put his seat back so i won’t be able to type for much longer (or feel my legs).

Its wierd flying over the US mid-west , you go through canada with little or no sign of civilisation, all you can see is ice and snow, then maybe you get a town or a village, or a road or frozen river. Next its the great lakes, which are indeed great after that you hit the lakes in the middle of canada (name?) of which there are thousands and thousands, they look like sombody has picked upt he ground and scrunched it up into a ball, put it back, and poured water on it. Heading south the world gets a bit more populous, and after an hour or so, all you can see are the square layout of farm land. You can really see the effects of the US Land grab and its organisation even after 150 years because for about 4 hours all you can see below is little north-south-east-west squares of land presumably about 1-2miles wide , sometimes different colours.


Monday, January 17th, 2005

Playing with google suggest it seems keen to filter out its suggestions, so there are no homosexuals, but lesbiens are ok, and fisting is way out , but worryingly squicking is perfectly allowable, analysis has gone, a victim of its prefix, as have wessex sussex middlesex and perhaps not quite so unfortunately, essex.

Anyway the one thing i have managed to acheive today (albeit taking up quite a bit of tomorrow)apart from eating chocolate, is the rigging of my indy to work disklessly, i’ve also substituted its fan for a smaller one so its almost quiet.


Thursday, January 13th, 2005

In the spirit of “doing something is better than doing nothing”, i got my shiny blue SGI indy working, it can now play MP3s, not much use for anything else though (apart from looking blue), might rig it up to the stereo at home and use it as a media player (it is so blue!) although it would probably benefit from having a smaller/queiter PSU fan installed.

Also I got bored last night and implemented steels’ martian rover/ants finding food with pheromones experiment, see the bottom of here for results unfortunately the random walking is a bit crap and doesn’t vector properly on a 2d grid, so the rovers/ants prefer to search in the vertical/horizontal. In the spirit of all good social simulations, the code has lots of arrays, many variables all with two letter identifiers and doesn’t quite do what it is supposed to….


Thursday, January 13th, 2005

a) That i was asleep

b) That i wanted to go to sleep

c) That my forward button would predict the future

Monday, January 10th, 2005

good news bad news