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Thursday, December 30th, 2004

one of the few advantages of being stuck at my parents house

Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

Watching BBC news 24, interviewer is talking to a representative of the USGS who helped set up the pacific tsunami early warning system.

BBC: “So why wasn’t a similar system put in place in the indian ocean”
USGS: “Well, this kind of event is extremely rare, warning systems require the infrastructure to detect, monitor and propogate information down to the local level where tens of thousands of people have to been given training to act in the correct way in order for them to be effective”
BBC: “So you are saying that this system hasn’t been considered because of the costs”
USGS: “Well, in the indian ocean we expect events such as this at worst ever 50 to 100 years, and it doesn’t seem jus..”
BBC *interrupts*: “So you trying to put a cost on peoples lives?”
*interview ends*

I’m trying to work out the propagation speed (nobody on the interweb seems to know that or the wavelength of the wave) but even if it were say 400 miles an hour, (which i think is an underestimate) sri-lanka would have had at most 3 hours warning, and indonesia would have have had practically none.

The next worst natural disaster (based on current figures) is now bangladesh in 1991, where 138,000 people died.

Fucking Citylink

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004

Was sitting in our hall, when i heard something being stuffed through the door, went to look, and surprise surprise it was a citylink “We called but you weren’t in” card, chased the delivery man down the stairs in my dressing gown and shouted at him, then when he came back he had the nerve to complain about having to walk up our stairs twice…..

Still two more people have christmas presents than they did before.

Oh the taxman’s taken all my doe…

Monday, December 20th, 2004

forgot how depressing it was to see your salary dissapearing from your pay check, last month this was offset by the fact i got a months back pay and didn’t pay very much tax (not having earned very much) for a moment i thought i was being payed less then my contract said, until i realised i had calculated my actual income in hex..( £4C04).


Sunday, December 19th, 2004

Had a wonderful evening at entropy danced a bit, and had much fun, walked home with 561 and nslm at who’s house we stopped for tea. By the time we left the snow was settling and by the time we had arrived at home it had thouroughly settled, i tried to make a snowman outside our flat, but my hands got cold.

Hooray for snow.


Monday, December 13th, 2004

Zoot: 901283408937473924 mold: 0

Saturday, December 11th, 2004

I have just completed phase 1 “operation suck” in the crusade against the many and varied types of mold that have been flourishing in various places in our flat. So far I have dealt with:

  1. The green blobby mold stuck to the wall, my speakers and the back of the leather sofa in the livingroom (suck o matic)
  2. the black spotty mold near the bottom of the wall in the living rooms ( wipe it off (along with quite a bit of the wall paper (oops)))
  3. the big brown blob of mold which seems to be completely independant from the other mold on that wall
  4. the wierd ceiling mold
  5. and just for good measure the strange pink mold which is growing in our bath (i cleaned the bathroom too)

now my eyes water and my nose itches…. hopefully i won’t wake up smelling of cheese.

Phase 2) involves leaving the heating on for much longer *(sigh)* (the black spotty mold started a couple of years ago when the boiler stopped working properly for 6 months) trying to find a miracle cure, and telling the landlord about it on sunday and seeing what he wants to do with it, oh and making up with who i suspect was a bit cross about discovering me in the lounge at 1:30 in the morning having moved all of the furniture trying to clean mold off the walls.

[LJ2ME] What a day

Wednesday, December 1st, 2004

Got in to uni with the hope of doing some more research only to find that the nasty bug in our software has come back with avengence, decided that now was the time to actually solve it so spent most of the day when i wasn’t in spanish writing test code trying to solve it, i have another theory now but i didn’t have time to test it properly, its my component which stops working because of the bug, so i feel like i should fix it. Sigh.