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Monday, May 31st, 2004

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Monday, May 31st, 2004

These are a chilean ‘speciality’, at best they are like good cornish pasties, baked layered pastry with various “meat” and vegetables, and at worst they are like findus crispy pankakes (deep fried pockets of cheese).

Yesterday, All my troubles….

Monday, May 31st, 2004

Yesterday we met up with Lucy who is 2 months into traveling around the world, and Mieke who is staying in Santiago for a bit after the workshop last week. We got in a hired minivan with a driver and drove up through the andes which were spectacular, and after a couple of hours, got to some hot springs called Banos Colinas in the middle of the high andes, about 30km from argentina. Changed into swimming kit and after shivering our way out of the changing rooms eventally settled down for some serious relaxing (This is a new sport called Extreme Bathing). After a couple of hours of wallowing in hot slightly silty water we came home. The photos will probably tell the story better.

How to buy something in an off-license in santiago:

  1. Walk into the shop, wonder why a small off-license needs 6 members of staff to serve you.
  2. Walk up to fridge and try to take what you want to buy
  3. Get stopped by first member of staff who asks you what you want.
  4. Tell him what you want and indicate that you are perfectly capable of picking it up yourself.
  5. Eventually let first member of staff take items to cash desk for you.
  6. Boggle as second member of staff rings up the purchase on one till, and gives you a ticket with the price on it, and then refers you to another till.
  7. Take ticket and try to pick up goods to take to other till, but get stopped.
  8. Leave goods behind, and take ticket to other till where third member of staff examines ticket in detail (As if you hadn’t just got the ticket from the person standing next to them) and then accepts payment, before carefully crossing out a number on a list of numbers and stamping the ticket .
  9. take first ticket back to first counter, and present ticket to second member of staff, who will carefully examine the ticket before printing out a second ticket with exactly the same information on it.
  10. Second member of staff puts first ticket on a skewer and marks a number off a big list of numbers, stamps second ticket, gives you second ticket.
  11. First member of staff offers to carry your purchases to the door, but you politely decline.
  12. Walk to door where fourth member of staff opens it for you

This is to buy 4 bottles of water for about £2.


Saturday, May 29th, 2004

Went out for the meeting dinner last night at El Perseguidor which was fantasitic, I had ostrich and oysters and other things, as well as much wine, and pisco sour. Followed by a tequilla margerita at another bar.

So Ug. my head hurts and i had about 3 hours of sleep, still i managed to get up and meet people for breakfast at 8:00.

Now i’m trying to explain things in spanish, badly.

Arse Arse Arse Arse

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

The wise man he once say… If you think you might need a suit, bring a suit. I’m having dinner with the president of the chilean senate and a couple of senators tomorrow, with lots of other people, should have brought a suit.


Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

Bah, today was long, got up at 6 to find some time to print out the expense forms for the delegates, ended up having to set up the computer in the conference center.

Café con piernas:
When we were walking back from the hotel yesterday we found a fantasitc idea which is quite popular in chile. Basically its a cross between a strip joint and a coffee shop, where they have a high narrow bar, which is open underneath with scantily clad women who divide their time between lounging around, dancing, and serving coffee, and its called ….: Coffee with legs…

The Long and Winding Flight

Monday, May 24th, 2004

I am so tired.

probably long an boring journal like entry


Monday, May 10th, 2004

Right. The next person to post a meme outside a cut gets hit with a big stick or unfriended or both or neither, or lauged at, or has welsh poetry posted as comments.


Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

Do you have to pay tax on civil damages? If not one could just hire lawyers to move your money around…. your staff could sue you for their salaries and you could sue your customers for your money, and everything would be good. You could even sue the lawyers to get your legal fees back.

Then again you probably do have to pay tax, which is evil (Consider somebody who is being awarded multiple years of back-pay in a single settlement, who ends up paying 40% tax on most of it)

anybody know the real answer?