Current Cost Power Meter

How to connect a CurrentCost envi to Google PowerMeter

I'm not sure how but the Tweetawatt people have got TweetAWatt working on google powermeter

This page tells you how to use the same process to get A currentCost (with USb/serial cable) working on the same way.

You need:

  • A currentCost envi
  • A USB serial connector
  • A computer running python (> 2.5 i guess)
  • A google account
  1. Download the google Power meter API client
  2. download my watcher script here, Attach:cc-googlepowermeter.tar.gz
  3. Follow the instructions to register your device with google (no need to download their software):
  4. You should end up with a path and a token (in the text box )
  5. Enter these in
  6. edit the USB port to the path of your senser (/dev/ttyUSB0 by default)
  7. Run to upload data - By default it takes 10 minutes before the first data is uploaded.