½ Owen Cliffe

Sat, 03 Jan 2015 05:11:49 +0000

We got a Shapoko 2 for festimas, first print was a TIE fighter, obviously.

First proper project is a drag knife head to let enable paper cutting:

IMG_20141228_174740126_HDR IMG_20141229_135322748 IMG_20141229_140714795_HDR cnc dragknife2 dragknife1 dragknife_sim dragknife3 dragknife4 dragknife5 dragknife2.1.png dragknife2.3 dragknife2.2.png.png
Sun, 06 Oct 2013 20:58:18 +0000

I’ve spent the afternoon  staring at USB traces trying to grok the leap motion at a protocol level, no huge progress (most of the time reminding myself how USB works).  I have  at least replicated  the openleap instructions so  can capture raw data.

Here are a couple of  scary photos of me in component stereo (simple red/green and rgb with the blue channel is the difference channel) :

leap_rgLeap Motion Stereo


The results from openCV’s stereo correlation aren’t quite there yet : (no doubt due to my coding):




The minority report hand wavy stuff is interesting but I’m more interested to see if I can get one working as a well-calibrated robotics image sensor – the field of view on these cameras is immense (150 degrees or thereabouts)   and the stereo obviously can’t hurt.

Next stop –  fish out an IR laser line from one of the many boxes of bits upstairs (and try not to fry the CCD like I did last time) and do some scanning experiments .


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